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Everything i know about sex i learned from youtube
By Sam Kiss

In the middle of her YouTube video “Get Naked,” two men walk in on Laci Green filming her weekly vlog in a hostel locker room. “I run a sex positive youtube channel,” she tells...


Dating yourself in boston
By Chloe Krammel

Sometimes it is best to take matters into your own hands and take yourself out on a date. Boston is a city famous for its history, marathons, lobster rolls, and sport teams...

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this sex-ed advocate's first student was herself
By Modesty Sanchez

When Emily Depasse was diagnosed with herpes as a college student, she thought her life was over. The doctors weren’t helpful... 

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dating like a boomer: leaving behind 21st century crutches
By Carly Thompson

I left the world of Tinder and sliding into the DM’s of hot men behind, and tried dating without 21st century crutches...