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Everything i know about sex i learned from youtube
By Sam Kiss

In the middle of her YouTube video “Get Naked,” two men walk in on Laci Green filming her weekly vlog in a hostel locker room. “I run a sex positive youtube channel,” she tells...


Dating yourself in boston
By Chloe Krammel

Sometimes it is best to take matters into your own hands and take yourself out on a date. Boston is a city famous for its history, marathons, lobster rolls, and sport teams...

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this sex-ed advocate's first student was herself
By Modesty Sanchez

When Emily Depasse was diagnosed with herpes as a college student, she thought her life was over. The doctors weren’t helpful... 

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dating like a boomer: leaving behind 21st century crutches
By Carly Thompson

I left the world of Tinder and sliding into the DM’s of hot men behind, and tried dating without 21st century crutches...


inDIYpendent knows how hard it can be to navigate college life. Instead of screwing yourself, let us help you do it yourself. We’re not about making origami frogs or building lamps out of old baby-doll heads; we’re here to help you solve a murder, start a Depop page, revolutionize the rice cooker, date without online crutches, and, ultimately, pass as a functioning adult. We may not have all the answers, but we’ve failed enough times to have learned a few tricks along the way. The world can be a scary place to face alone, so we hope we inspire you to be more inDIYpendent

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