No One Knows How to DIY like an Only Child
By Madi Doelling

Being an only child has influenced every part of my life... 

Introverting In an Extrovert’s World
By Talia Santopadre

The world was built for extroverts, so if you’re an introvert like me, you know exactly how hard it is for your voice to be heard... 


On grief: what to do when you're newly alone
By Ava Burcham

More often than not, grief sneaks up on you...

Struggling to be independent
By Jack Tzianabos

The danger of having people to lean on is that you can lean on them too much... 


So You Suck at Being Sick
By Ava Burcham

Think of the last time you were really sick... 


A Movie for Every Me-Time

By Jordyn Vasquez

Here are our recommendations for a night of introspection... and maybe some shirtless Channing Tatum... 


Hello stranger: adventures in solo travel

By Emma Lopez

Join me as a travel to three different countries and experience this human connection first hand... 


inDIYpendent knows how hard it can be to navigate college life. Instead of screwing yourself, let us help you do it yourself. We’re not about making origami frogs or building lamps out of old baby-doll heads; we’re here to help you solve a murder, start a Depop page, revolutionize the rice cooker, date without online crutches, and, ultimately, pass as a functioning adult. We may not have all the answers, but we’ve failed enough times to have learned a few tricks along the way. The world can be a scary place to face alone, so we hope we inspire you to be more inDIYpendent

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