A movie for every me-time

By Jordyn Vasquez

We all know that nothing tops a movie night with your besties; whether you’re taking a trip to a local theatre or holing up in someone’s bedroom, movies are mostly thought of as a communal experience. But this isn’t inBFFvidual Magazine, this is inDIYpendent Magazine. So in the spirit of going solo, we’re asking: why not watch more movies alone? Here are our recommendations for a night of introspection... and maybe some shirtless Channing Tatum. 



1. NOW IS GOOD (2012)

When you get sick of watching The Fault in Our Stars for the hundredth time, consider giving this movie a go — just be prepared for Augustus-sized waterworks. 

2. AD ASTRA (2019)

Yet another wild sci-fi movie about why white men shouldn’t have power on any planet, except in this one there's an Applebee’s on the Moon.

3. Carol (2015)

By watching this one alone, you can stare openly at Cate Blanchett's cheekbones for two glorious hours without interruption.  

4. Coco (2017)

Why cry over the ending of Marley & Me when you could cry over a Pixar movie about a little Mexican boy and his guitar?

5. Magic Mike (2012)

6. Hustlers (2019)

When Magic Mike loses his spark, take a look at his hotter younger sister. 

7. Moonlight (2016)

This one’s sad, but it’s also gay, so it’s a more profound kind of sad. 

Just in case you thought you missed out on something when your mom and all her friends were drooling over this franchise, you can finally watch this all by yourself.

8. 4th Man Out (2015)

4th Man Out is a romantic comedy about a man coming out as gay to his best friends, and it’s far too cute to watch any way other than alone.

9. Wild (2014)

​Watch Reese Witherspoon hike the Pacific Crest Trail alone while you eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s… also alone. 

10. The Girl With All the gifts (2016)

So the world is overrun with zombies and the only one who can save humanity is a young black girl? Yes, please.