These days, makeup trends are shifting into the more avant-garde and bizarre. The upcoming decade is offering a new perspective on the artistry of makeup, especially in the wake of the popular HBO series, Euphoria. What the fashion world knows as “editorial makeup” has become known to the mainstream as “Euphoria makeup,” and although the practice of eccentrically bedazzling eyelids has been around for years, we have the hit series to thank for the current popularization of the style. For those of you ready to switch up your go-to makeup look or experimenting with makeup for the first time, here are some techniques that are easy to do yourself!


The essence of glittery editorial makeup is captured in that one Vine where the little girl is filmed staring out a car window with purple glitter smeared across her eyelids. Glitter can go on your eyes, on your cheekbones as highlighter, in your brows — there are endless possibilities. It really doesn’t matter where it goes because once it’s on, it’s never coming off. And, really, why would you want it to? Glitter is great for stenciling shapes onto your face. Or, if you’re apprehensive about diving into the messiness of a loose glitter, there are plenty of gloss and gel-based glitters, or single pressed glitter eyeshadows, that are available at any drugstore. Make sure that the glitter you purchase is specifically approved for use around the eyes, as craft glitter is more likely to cause irritation. It can be applied to top off your eyeshadow or in the inner corner of your eyes for a subtle pop. Or, you can apply it in all these places at once. Now that’s editorial.


Life definitely isn’t as easy-going as a Glossier ad, but your makeup can be. Popularized by high fashion editorials and runways, nothing makes someone look as effortlessly dewy and glowy as swiping a bit of gloss across the eyelids. And, of course, who could forget lips? The price of your gloss doesn’t matter so long as you make sure it’s safe to apply near the eyes. You can either apply the gloss alone, or you can use it to top off a single eyeshadow for a bolder look. For something even more editorial, you can blend the eyeshadow up onto your brow bone and apply gloss there as well for a shimmering highlight.

Graphic liner


1960’s mod eyeliner is back and it’s here in every color, shape, and direction you can imagine. If you haven’t quite perfected the classic black wing, or you’re just bored with this traditional style, you might want to try out another technique. Colored liners can be purchased from any drug store makeup brand, but stores like Sephora and Ulta will have a wider selection to pick from. You can choose to use these funky colors to apply your go-to wing, or you can take a shot at drawing lines elsewhere on your eyes — or really anywhere you want. Pencil eyeliner can make a sharp line or can be blended out for a smoky effect. For something a little bolder, try applying glitter over your colored liner to make it sparkle.

Gems, Pearls, and Rhinestones


One of the latest makeup crazes is as easy to accomplish as going to your local craft store and buying a pack of stick-on jewels. Whether you want to embellish your entire face in rhinestones (à la Jenna Marbles) or just pop one into the outer corners of your eyes for a little extra flare, this is a trendy and incredibly easy-to-achieve technique. You could place a little pearl at the corners of your eyes or your brows. Instead of a liquid liner you could line your lash line with gems. You could even cover your entire eyelid with pearls or gems in place of an eyeshadow. Nothing is off limits with this whimsical way to sparkle.

Blush Shapes


You’ve probably seen people sporting heart-shaped blush under their eyes in varying quantities and sizes, but there’s so much opportunity for creativity with this trend. This is another one that you can achieve simply with stickers from any general store that sells them. Grab a pack of stickers shaped like hearts, flowers, stars, clouds or anything else you might find interesting. You can place one sticker at the center of your cheeks or a few stickers of different sizes across your face like freckles. With a damp brush, apply your favorite blush as you normally would. You can even apply your desired highlighter, as well. Once you’re done, remove the stickers and you’ll have a family of soft little shapes livening up your makeup routine.

The most important thing to remember about makeup is the importance of individuality! There is no one way to do a look, and these tips are simply suggestions to inspire your creativity. You can do as much or as little as you would like, so personalize it! Having fun is the essence of editorial makeup. You don’t have to be a professional in order to achieve any of these, so hopefully these examples awaken your confidence for artistic experimentation. Happy creating!

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By Lauren Dillow