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drop the maga: How to make a zine
By Sam Kiss

From fan zines to activist zines, zines are a staple of DIY culture. Since they’re so easy to make, it’s no wonder why. Short for “magazine,” a zine is...


how to be funny
By Jen Petrilli

Get ready to learn how to be funny from comedian Jen Petrilli. In just 5 easy steps, you'll be the life of every party...


how to break into the coolest places
By Modesty Sanchez

You’re traveling alone, and it’s getting a little dull. You don’t know how much longer you...

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how to prep for a protest
By Sam Kiss

The world is a dumpster fire. At least, it can certainly feel that way, as news of the latest injustices come in every day. With immigrant rights under...

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5-minute crafts: the life hacks no one needs
By Jen Petrelli

Once upon a time, Facebook was a place I would go to for silly videos of unlikely friendships...

a brief history
of diy

By Carly Thompson

Merriam-Webster currently defines DIY, or “do-it-yourself,” as “the activity of doing or making something (as in..."

for the love of god, don't diy your health
By Jordyn Vasquez

Here at inDIYpendent Magazine, we love a good homemade lotion, scrub, or...


inDIYpendent knows how hard it can be to navigate college life. Instead of screwing yourself, let us help you do it yourself. We’re not about making origami frogs or building lamps out of old baby-doll heads; we’re here to help you solve a murder, start a Depop page, revolutionize the rice cooker, date without online crutches, and, ultimately, pass as a functioning adult. We may not have all the answers, but we’ve failed enough times to have learned a few tricks along the way. The world can be a scary place to face alone, so we hope we inspire you to be more inDIYpendent

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This magazine was created by Emerson College students as a class project for "Magazine Publishing Overview."

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