Thrifting through my identity crisis
By Chloe Krammel

It all started with a shaggy cropped cardigan. Dripping with fur, metallic stitching, and the softest of fabric, it was the spark that ignited my obsession with thrifting...

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By Emily Bunn

I was first exposed to the world of alternative fashion by Instagram style gods and Depop -shop designers online. While constantly scrolling through social media, I looked up to...


making it up: editorial beauty at home
By Lauren Dillow

These days, makeup trends are shifting into the more avant garde and bizarre. The upcoming decade is offering a new perspective on the artistry of makeup, especially in...


10 ways to style a button-up
By Emma Cox

I’m about to introduce you to the greatest thing that’s ever happened to your closet. The best part? You likely already own it...


another kind of screen time
By Madi Doelling

For many bands and businesses, screen printing is essential to their marketing. But what is screen printing, anyway? And how does it relate to the world of DIY? I talked to


inDIYpendent knows how hard it can be to navigate college life. Instead of screwing yourself, let us help you do it yourself. We’re not about making origami frogs or building lamps out of old baby-doll heads; we’re here to help you solve a murder, start a Depop page, revolutionize the rice cooker, date without online crutches, and, ultimately, pass as a functioning adult. We may not have all the answers, but we’ve failed enough times to have learned a few tricks along the way. The world can be a scary place to face alone, so we hope we inspire you to be more inDIYpendent

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