I’m about to introduce you to the greatest thing that’s ever happened to your closet. The best part? You likely already own it. The button-down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. I opt towards working with an oversized men’s version, but any variation should turn heads just as easily. 

1. The Classic


We all know this, it's the bread and butter of the button-down. And yet, it often gets left in the dust. Here’s to remembering that there’s nothing wrong with rocking an ageless style.

2. Waist Tie


This is not reserved for flannels only, okay?! The button-down has been overlooked as a go-to layering piece for far too long, that ends here and now. Don’t be afraid to reach for that button-down on a Sunday afternoon shopping trip.

3. Tied


An alternative name for this is The Classic Part II. Another timeless look, it can even take your fit from day-to-night.


4. The Britney


It's Britney bitch! Talk about day-to-night, this nod to the early ‘00s icon can give you that Britney edge on any given weeknight (or even weekend).

5. The Dress


Pull your 3-sizes-too-large button-down out of the closet and throw that bad boy on, it’s your new best friend. This look won’t fail, wear it belted, with tights, with thigh-high boots, or just by itself.

6. Half-tucked


Call Tan France and tell him the French tuck is dead, it's been replaced by the trendy half-tuck. Give your look some shape while remaining casual and without the shirt ballooning out too much.

7. Open


Everybody and their aunt Linda loves a cardigan. Elevate that concept with an unbuttoned button-down, giving a little more form and sophistication to the casual “oh this old thing?” look. 

8. Off the Shoulder


Who said a button-down is all work and no play? Give your local Instagram influencer a run for their money and rock this saucy chic look.



Button-down to the rescue! This look can quite literally save your ass when you need it. Simply button the shirt up, leaving a few buttons at the top undone, tuck the collar into the skirt and tie the sleeves around your waist and BOOM! Emergency handled.

10. Backward


Get that effortless European chic aesthetic with a simple change of direction. Wear your button-down backward and bask in the glory of a braless day.

10 ways to style a button-down

By Emma Cox


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